The Supreme Court's decision allowing the ethics complaint against Sen. Manny Villar to be tackled by the Senate Committee of the Whole came "too late," Villar said on Tuesday.

      Nasira na yung pangalan ko," Villar told reporters.

      Villar pointed out that the case can no longer be opened since it was tackled during the previous Congress.       He added that he has always believed that the transfer of his ethics case on the C-5 road extension controversy from the Ethics Committee to the Committee of the Whole was invalid because the latter had no published rules.

      The SC decision said the referral of the complaint shall take effect only upon publication of the rules of the committee of the whole.

      "Hindi acceptable ang rules... which is what we've been saying noon pa," Villar said.

      Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, who released the committee of the whole's report on the C-5 road extension controversy early last year, also believes the decision is "moot and academic."       He said the case will no longer be opened and must now be archived.

      "The case can no longer be taken up because wala na yung mga ibang nag-imbestiga," Enrile said.

      Asked he feels vindicated because of the SC ruling, Enrile replied, "Whether it is vindication or no vindication doesn't matter. We have done our duties. We have done our jobs. Let it rest there."